Do You Remember . . .

Frosh Initiation?
 Frosh class officers
Frosh initiation

Frosh are made of greasy grimy gopher guts
Chopped up monkey meat
Contaminated parakeet
I am just a dinky little freshman
From great great Adna High School!

Brad "Frampton"?
Brad Boyd

I'm # 1 --
Why Try Harder?

Wade Lininger

Kaye at a loss for words?
No, we didn't think so!
Kaye Scott
Chili and Cinnamon Roll Hot Lunches?
Lloyd, Dale, John

Our Senior Trip
Bus Ride?

Seniors ON the bus
Our Junior Plays?
One really good...Alan, Christy, Tim F in The Storm
Moonshine & Martians
...and one really hokey!
District Basketball Tournaments?
We Beat Toutle Lake
Celebrating the Win
Christmas Parties in the Auditorium?
Sophomores Rule
Brad, Tim H, Mike R   Munsell, Lamprecht, Green
with root beer, Santa & helpers, and three stooges
The Class Cut-ups?Dale & Dave The Gym?
Pirate Pride
Going to the "Mall"?
Yard Birds

Now we dare you to come to the reunion!

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