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Well I hear the whistle but I can't go,
I'm gonna take her down to Mexico.
She said, "Whoa no, Guadalajara won't do, now"
Well, I did not think the girl could be so cruel,
And I'm never going back to my old school.
-- from "My Old School" sung by Steely Dan








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Revised 11/17/03

Photo of school

Oh, we're from Adna High School, loyal and true.
Here's to our colors, gold and royal blue.
Rah!  Rah!  Rah!
Oh, we are always with you, where you may be,
Singing our high school song of victory.
Fight!  Fight!  Fight!

Our old school on the hill was built in 1928 at a cost of $40,000.   The Class of 1929 was the first class to graduate from it, 50 years before us.

  • Remember the closet of lockers we freshman had to squeeze in and out of between classes?

  • Remember trudging up the ramps to the second floor, and running almost head-over-heels down them?

  • Remember the old desks, with wrought iron sides and inkwell holes, in the auditorium?

  • Did you ever climb up into the belltower and ring the bell? 

The "new addition" to the high school opened in the fall of 1976, our sophomore year. It had carpeted floors and bright multi-colored lockers lining its hall, and a business classroom with electric (and some manual) typewriters. The music room was pretty nice too.

In 1992, the new Adna Middle and High School on State Highway 6 opened. Our old school building, however, still maintains its presence as the landmark of Adna, overlooking the little community below.

Adna Pirates, on the hilltop,
Yes, you bet we're here!
And we've brought our team with us,
Nothing do we fear! 
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Onto victory, onto victory,
Fighting for our name.
Fight, fellas--fight, fight, fight!
To win this game!
Rah! Rah!