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The responses received from the 1999 questionnaire are included below, for your reading enjoyment!

About UsHobbiesFavorite MusicSong That Takes You BackMemorable EventSignificant AccomplishmentBeen Up To

About Us

Benny - Chehalis WA
Present occupation and employer: Self-employed - Craftsman Sandrini Boys
Married to: Debbie - April 1996
Spouse's high school: Mossyrock High School
Spouse's occupation/employer: bookkeeper for Craftsman Sandrini Boys
Children: Benji, 17; Aaron, 15

Cheryl - Renton WA 98059
Present occupation and employer: Stay-at-home mom
Married to: Scott - July 1988
Spouse's high school: Interlake High School (Bellevue)
Spouse's occupation/employer: President of Cunningham Manufacturing
Children: Gregory John, 8; Halie Ann, 6; Jake Edward, 4
Post-high school education: B.A. in Parks & Recreation from Washington State University, 1983

Dave T - Kalama, WA
Married to: Tara - August 3, 1996
Spouse's high school: Forks High School
Spouse's occupation/employer: Personal Banker, Seafirst Bank
Children: Kain, 11; Johnathon, 6
Are you expecting? Yes Due date: October 5, 1999
Post-high school education: one year at Centralia College

Dave W - Winlock
Present occupation and employer: Truck Driver for U.S. Ink
Married to: Therese - January 1982
Spouse's high school: W. F. West (Chehalis)
Children: Leah Marie, 15; David "Timothy", 12
Post-high school education: Olympia Technical Community College

Dave M - Auburn WA
Present occupation and employer: Design Engineer at Boeing
Married to: Connie - June 1982
Spouse's high school: Centralia High School
Spouse's occupation/employer: Education Assistant for Auburn Schools
Children: Ashley, 13; Michael, 11
Post-high school education: B.S.M.E. from Washington State University

Geri - Chehalis WA
Married to: Bill - May 1981
Spouse's high school: Adna High School
Spouse's occupation/employer: Northwest Hardwoods
Children: Amanda Lee, 22; Cassandra Joy, 16; Lindsey Rae, 14
Post-high school education: K-12 again, with my kids!

Jeff - Lake Oswego OR
Present occupation and employer: Accounts Receivable, First Consumers National Bank
Married to: Lisa - June 1990
Spouse's high school: Springfield High School, Springfield, OR
Spouse's occupation/employer: Licensed Massage Therapist - S/E
Children: Kaylee Marie, 7; Shelby Joann, 3
Post-high school education: Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, from Oregon State University

Jillane - Chehalis WA and Culver OR
Married to: Curt - December 1989
Children: 4 sons

John - Centralia WA
Present occupation and employer: Project Superintendent, Hilger Construction Inc.
Married to: Brenda - August 1979
Spouse's high school: Pe Ell High School
Spouse's occupation/employer: Administrative Assistant, State of Washington (DSHS)
Children: Jessica, 17; Allison, 15
Post-high school education: Carpentry Apprenticeship Program, Bates Technical College

Lori - Ellensburg WA
Present occupation and employer: Registered Nurse for Dr. Bruce Herman, Valley Clinic
Married to: Keith - September 1984
Spouse's high school: Centralia High School
Spouse's occupation/employer: Computer/Electronic Services, Central Washington University
Children: Brendan, age 8-1/2
Post-high school education: LPN, Centralia College; RN, Yakima Valley Community College

Minta - Morton WA
Married to: Clem
Spouse's high school: Morton High School

Rick D - Los Angeles CA
Married to: Dana
Children: Russell, 4 months

Shelley - Seattle WA
Present occupation and employer: Electronic Resources Librarian, King County Library System
Married to: Michael - September 1998
Spouse's high school: Springfield High School (Springfield, IL)
Spouse's occupation/employer: Art Director/Webmaster, King County Library System
Post-high school education:
Associate of Arts, Centralia College, 1988
Bachelor of Arts (English), University of Washington, 1991
Master of Library Science, University of Washington, 1993

Susie - Chehalis WA
Present occupation and employer: Medical Transcriptionist for Providence Hospital
Married to: Scott - June 1981
Spouse's high school: Centralia High School
Spouse's occupation/employer: Welder
Children: Erik, 13; Katelyn, 9; Megan, 7
Post-high school education: One year at Centralia College

Terry - Cinebar WA
Present occupation and employer: Refractive Surgery Counselor at Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute; Dental Assistant for Dr. W. D. Kurz
Married to: Michael - May 1996
Spouse's high school: Onalaska High School
Spouse's occupation/employer: Cutter for Weyerhaeuser Pe Ell
Children: Jason, 17; Chase, 14; Chelsey, 10

Tim F - Chehalis WA
Present occupation and employer: Educational Assistant, Off-Campus, for Centralia School District
Married to: Christine - February 1979
Spouse's high school: W. F. West, Chehalis
Spouse's occupation/employer: Manager of SignPro
Children: Katherine, 16; Chantel, 15
Post-high school education: Some college, two academies, etc.

Tina - Soquel, CA
Married to: Skip - April 1999
Spouse's high school: Mossyrock High School
Spouse's occupation/employer: Sheet metal
Children: Zachary, 7
Post-high school education: two years at Centralia College

What are your hobbies?

Benny: Race cars, Rotary (Chehalis chapter)

Cheryl: Spending time with my husband and kids, coordinating activities, horseback riding, gardening, jogging, golfing, volunteering at school and church, socializing with girlfriends and family

Dave T: Fishing, basketball, camping

Dave M: Biking, trap shooting, Boy Scouts, gardening, camping

Geri: Coaching fastpitch (girls), ATVs, camping, fishing

Jeff: Hiking, camping, playing sports, bike riding, artwork

John: Fixing/building things, reading, barbequeing

Lori H: Gardening, hiking, playing with Brendan and our three dogs, reading, music, skiing

Shelley: Following the Mariners, learning how to create Web pages and generally becoming a computer geek, bicycling . . . and coordinating this reunion!

Susie: Crafting/sewing

Terry: Roses/flowers, going to my children's games, traveling

Tim F: Traveling with Christine, hunting, fishing, landscaping

Tina: Going to the beach, spending time with my husband and son

What was your favorite song or musical group in high school?

Cheryl: Eagles
David T: BTO, Journey
Dave W: "Don't Look Back" by Boston
David M: Eagles

Geri: I can't remember--I'm too old.
Jeff: Boston, Aerosmith, Eagles, Kiss
Lori H: Heart, Fleetwood Mac
Shelley: Steve Miller Band
Susie: Foreigner, Eagles, Rod Stewart
Tina: Who can remember?!

What song takes you back to our high school days?

Dave W: "School's Out (for Summer)"

Cheryl: "It's Another Tequila Sunrise"

Jeff: "We are the Champions" by Queen

Lori H: Love is Alive, More Than a Feeling, Long Time

Shelley: We Will Rock You (from district basketball tournaments)

Susie: Everything they play on KJR-FM 95.7. If you still like '70s rock and roll, this is a great station! Their Web site is www.kjrfm.com.

Terry: Stairway to Heaven

What was your funniest, most memorable, AND most embarrassing event in high school?

Cheryl: I thought that it was so funny in eighth grade when we played a prank on Mr. La. Someone brought to class some mystic smoke, which is a tube of goo that you squeeze between your fingers to make smoke or dust. We pretended that it must be dust falling down from the ceiling and convinced Mr. La Fountaine that the building must be falling apart. He fell for our joke because he went upstairs to the auditorium, which was directly above our classroom. I think that Mr. Downs was the principal at the time. They both came downstairs to check out the problem. We all laughed so hard--behind the scene, of course!

Dave W: Moe McGoon

David M: Spiking the cider. Sneaking away at lunch to go to the store while Haslett (the principal) tried to catch us. He never did!

Geri: Our senior trip and coming home all bandaged up. I'll explain later.

Jeff: My most embarrassing moment would have to be around the time when I was first experiencing the effects of alcohol in our freshman year. I lost a fight to Yogi Bear at Rose Park, and had a difficult time explaining that one to my parents.

Lori H: The most fun was the senior trip and canoeing down the river. I'm not able to remember any one event, but I'm sure I will after talking with people at the reunion. The Heart-Foreigner concert was a highlight as well as riding motorcycles with David and going to fun parties!

Shelley: Frosh initiation as a freshman (I had been at Adna only a few weeks; it sure was a bizarre introduction to the place!), and then again as a sophomore (now, that was more fun!). Cheryl and Jillane's 16th birthday parties--both were much more fun than my own! Cider-making at Anderson's and Sandrini's. Outdoor keggers. Last-day-of-school "picnics" at Rainbow Falls. Discovering Sheryl had wrecked (again!) on our really steep driveway. The junior play, when I didn't "touch anything stronger than liquor!" (The correct line for my teetotaling character was "stronger than milk." Wonder how I got confused?) Sharing my birthdays with Rick B and his sister Linda. Math class with the rest of you who stuck with it all four years. (Remember our Pascal's Triangle tee-shirts?) Dinner at Cheryl and David's. The French Club trip to the Mirabeau restaurant with Miss Rabedeau. The King Tut field trip to Seattle. Taking four years of study hall so I wouldn't have to take choir and sing in front of people. Playing pinochle at lunchtime. Visiting Mr. Green's counseling office to complain about teachers. Missing a cheerleading jump at a game and landing on my rear-end. Our class winning the Homecoming Week Spirit Award each and every year. The bus ride to and from Sun River, and spending our last big weekend together there, realizing how special each of us was. The Sonics winning the World Championship seconds before we walked down the graduation aisle.

Susie: Our junior play was a lot of fun, and working together on our money-making projects.

Terry: The most memorable events were our senior trip, and Woody backing up into my car.

Tina: When my shoes were taken by Dave W and Lloyd, and I had to go to class in stocking feet.

What do you consider your most significant accomplishment since high school?

Benny: My greatest accomplishment has been building my own company.

Cheryl: Graduating from college, buying a business, being happily married, having three wonderful kids, and being able to stay and home with them.

Dave W: My greatest accomplishment has been being a husband to my wife, Therese, for the last 17½ years and being a dad to my children. With a 15-year-old daughter going into her sophomore year, all my memories from school come back quickly. And my son has one more year to his teens-God help me! And that is the greatest accomplishment-my relationship with God. Through his grace, I've been able to do all things.

Geri: Besides my kids, I'd have to say not getting a speeding ticket (yet) and staying out of trouble. Ha! ha!

Jeff: My greatest accomplishments are (1) graduating from OSU and (2) getting married and raising two wonderful children (being a Dad!).

John: Married for nearly 20 years.

Shelley: Marrying the man I want to grow old with. Figuring out (at age 28) what I wanted to be when I grew up, and making it happen.

Tina: Having Zach. He is a miracle child, as I was told I could not have any children. But after 12 years of trying and tears, he's here and boy is he healthy--and a great kid!

Please tell us what you've been up to since graduation.

Cheryl: Graduated from high school. Graduated from WSU in 1983. Worked in downtown Seattle. Moved to Barrow, Alaska, for one year. Made a lot of money. Moved to Hawaii for three months. Moved to Seattle to get a REAL job. Met my husband, Scott. Got a job at Alaska Yukon RV Tours. Received a free cruise to Mexico and took Scott. After two years, changed jobs to NutriSystem Weight Loss. Got engaged at Glacier National Park, Montana. Won a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Got married one year later (1988) and used the Cabo trip for our honeymoon. Bought a new house in Federal Way. Had a baby boy, Gregory. Sold Mary Kay Cosmetics. Won a pink car in three months. Quit Mary Kay Cosmetics in 1991 to be a stay-at-home mom. Had a baby girl, Halie. With four other partners, bought the company where Scott worked. Bought a family van after learning of my third pregnancy. 18 months after Halie was born, had a baby boy, Jake. Scott cut back to a four-day work week. Built a new house in Renton/Issaquah. Bought our first home computer. Flew to Hawaii without kids for four days. Joined the Lutheran Church. Elected Young Families Program Coordinator for our church. Bought Scott a toy, an Acura NSX sports car. Took our family to Disney World and on the Big Red Boat.

David M: 1 year at Centralia College; 3-1/2 years at WSU with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Married in 1982. Boeing from 1984 to present: Minuteman/peacekeeper missles; 747/767/757 electrical packaging; 777 cabin management system. Moved to Auburn in 1985. Built a barn, added 1100 square feet to the house. Have horses and lots of yard. Our son is active in Scouting, and our daughter is active in soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.

Geri: I've been playing mommie, tried college, working, healing (I broke my knee), and just generally having a great time. Life is good!

Jeff: I moved from Adna to Florence, Oregon, between our freshman and sophomore years and graduated from Suislaw High School. After graduation, I served in the U.S. Army from June 1979 to June 1982. I went to college off and on from September 1982 to June 1991, finally graduating with a BS in elementary education at OSU. I met my future wife, Lisa, while attending OSU, and we were married by my dad on June 16, 1991. We have two children: Kaylee, 7, and Shelby, 3. I have had several different jobs since college: Park Place Wood Products, Marathon Coach Inc., UC Lending & UPAM (mortgage lending), and First Consumers National Bank--where I have been for about three years.

John: Worked on numerous buildings, including but not limited to Darigold warehouse and powder plant, Lewis County Jail, New Market Skills Center in Tumwater, two Albertsons stores, Yarrow Cove condominiums at Lake Washington, Kingdome executive suites remodel project, Portland airport parking structure, Boeing Building 4-41 paint hangar in Renton, W. F. West High School remodel, Centralia solid waste transfer facility, Christian Brotherhood Academy in Tacoma, and U.S.P.S. Lincoln Station in Tacoma. Currently working on Cascade, Bennett, and Olympic Elementary Schools in Chehalis School District. Married and moved to Centralia in August 1979, moved to Chehalis in September 1980, moved to West Seattle in May 1986, back to Chehalis in June 1987, to Adna in May 1988, then to Centralia in November 1996. Was vice-president of Newaukum Furniture Company from February 1991 to August 1992.

Lori H: I attended Centralia College until 1983, received my LPN degree, and worked at St. Helen's Hospital OB department for one year. I married Keith in September 1984 and moved to Yakima, where I worked for three years as an LPN in local hospitals. In 1986 I went back to Yakima Community College, where I received my RN, after which I got into an ICU/CCU preceptorship program at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center. I worked there until 1989, then moved to Ellensburg, and worked for Home in Ellensburg and Yakima. We had Brendan in 1991. When he was 1-1/2 years old, I got a job in a local family practice clinic, where I have been since.

Shelley: After graduation, I went to work for Department of Natural Resources, first as a receptionist in Chehalis and then as a radio operator in Castle Rock. Dispatching was a lot of fun--sending crews, dozers, planes and helicopters to fires. I got married (too young) and moved to Spokane, where I was a junior high school secretary, which also (believe it or not) was a fun job. When we moved back to Lewis County a few years later, I finally started going to college (CC) full-time, and got divorced. Thinking I wanted to become a teacher, I went to St. Martin's College in Lacey for a semester, decided I didn't want to teach after all, and quit school. I sold most everything I owned, moved to Orlando, and worked as an account coordinator for an advertising agency. That job wasn't so fun, and I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to do and came up with "be a librarian." I didn't realize it required six years of college, but once I figured out it was right for me, I decided to "go for it!" In 1990 I moved to back to Washington to go to UW, dispatched at DNR again in the summers, finished my BA and Master's, and went to work for King County Library System. It's been six years since I graduated, and I still like what I do and think I always will. But the best part of my job is that it led me to my husband, Michael, who isn't a librarian but also works for the library system. As Geri said, "Life is good!" Besides all those jobs and moves, I've enjoyed exploring places in the U.S. and Mexico, spending time with my rent-a-kids (nieces, nephews, Little Sister) and cats, and becoming a city dweller.

Susie: In December 1979, I started working at Providence Hospital (then called Centralia General). By summer I started in Medical Records and learned to do the transcription. I can't believe I've stayed so long doing a job I hadn't even heard of in high school. In June of '81 Scott and I got married and we ventured all the way to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, which was quite a feat for me since I had never flown before! Since 1986 the kids started coming, so life has been filled with all that since then: babies, preschool, grade school, field trips. We're up to junior high now, and I'm going to enjoy these last three years before we have to think about DRIVING! We also took our first trip to Arizona three years ago (with kids in tow) and saw the Grand Canyon, a meteor crater that was unbelievably huge, and pieces of a petrified forest that had turned to quartz. Back in dinosaur times, that portion of Arizona was swamped! Scott wants to move to Arizona so bad (to get some sun), we took a second trip to see the southern part of the state. In places there are just mass saguaro cacti that are just huge, and each one is differently shaped. We also really enjoyed going to Tombstone. If you're a fan of the wild, wild West and gunfighters of the 1880's, this is the place! A few years ago, I joined the Lewis County Master Clothiers. We are an Extension program through WSU, and we put on sewing classes for kids and adults. As part of my volunteer hours for the club, I've been teaching hand sewing in my two daughters' classrooms for the last two years. The kids sew a felt animal shape together, then add a little stuffing and close it up. I've been amazed at the interest the kids have in trying this. I've had 100% turnout both years.

Terry: In 1981 I married Rodney and had three children with him: Jason, Chase and Chelsey. We lived in Adna, and divorced in 1994. I stayed home with the kids until 1990, then worked for State Farm Insurance and Cummins Northwest and cleaned houses for people. In 1993 I went to work for Dr. W. D. Kurz as a dental assistant until I recently got a job at PCLI as a refractive surgery counselor. I still work to help out Dr. Kurz for awhile. I married Michael Myhre in May 1996 and have five stepkids--Teresa, Brooke, Paul, Eric and Brittany--and one step-granddaughter, Alyssa. We live in Cinebar, and the kids go to Onalaska schools. Love it out there! I like working, flower gardening and traveling. The most precious is my little Chihauhau, Nikkita, who is two years old. The kids are involved in football, track, basketball and baseball. We keep busy going to games.

Tim F: Safeway: I.C.C.
Centralia Police Department: Patrolman, DARE Officer, Field Training Officer
Lewis County Sheriff's Office: Deputy
Centralia School District: Educational Assistant, Behavioral Disorder Specialist

Tina: I won't be able to attend, as I will be moving (to California) on the 10th of July. I will miss seeing everyone.